First of all, thank you for being my client, I really appreciate any opportunity to help, I wrote those lines publicly on my website so my clients know I am giving them all the same chances, there is nothing personal involved.

I don’t like to bother my clients my this kind of topics, however, a while ago UpWork implemented something called Success Score, that was the transition from the star rating to a more complex scoring system, this new system has some flaws (from my point of view), it basically mainly focus on long-term contracts and it punishes inactive contracts, it is not transparent at all so we are blind in some areas regarding its functionality.

If you are reading this, it means that probably, we have an open contract which is being inactive for a month, this implies my Job Success Score is being affected negatively because of this, and I contacted you so we can decide what we can do about it.

What options do we have:

  1. Finish the contract: Sometimes we leave a contract opened or paused since we finish the job and then forget about it, in which case closing it will be a nice option.
  2. Keep it activated: There are basically two ways to keep a contract activated; the first one will be to use my services at least once per month, and the second one is to agreed with me to let me track 10 minutes each time the contract is inactive for a month, that way we keep it activated and I am able to work at anytime you need me without open a new contract.

The second option is suitable for some clients that know I can help them with anything WordPress related but don’t have any task at the moment, however, they know they will and they prefer to have someone to solve their issues fast without having to open a new contract and find someone else.

Keep in mind, that if we decide to close the contract, I am able to help you with anything you need in the future, we would just need to open a new contract for that and I will be happy to help.

Feel free to ask me any question and please let me know what would you like to do.